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About us

Livestream Moments is a platform where gamers/content creators can record and share their best gameplay moments. Our team of editors carefully select the most engaging moments and transform them into unique gaming montages through creative editing. Each video requires multiple days to produce, with the majority of that time spent on editing to ensure an original and unparalleled final product that cannot be found elsewhere. Livestream Moments is not a simple platform for reposting pre-existing content, but we're a creator of original videos through the use of informative commentary and transformative visually engaging edits.


Through our submission page, we recieve hundreds of clips from our community daily. We then organize clips based off the type of gameplay it is. These clips are then used in their respective series. 


Transformative editing begins with selecting clips that could potentially go viral. The editors start with trimming and cropping the selected clip to create a version that is ready to be shared on the YouTube Shorts platform. The editing process also includes adding music, subtitles, complex special effects such: Motion tracking, time remapping

Once the editing is complete, the clip is exported in an aspect ratio suitable for Shorts and the project file is kept for creating a future "Funniest WTF Fail Moments" video. This process requires the clip to be adjusted for 16:9 aspect ratio, often changing the scale of text and gameplay to fit the widescreen without pillarboxing. The Funniest WTF Fail Moments series also requires the editor to place the edited clips in a specific way to create suitable pacing and keep viewers entertained throughout the whole video.


When it comes to narration, the length of recording time for each episode can vary greatly. This is because it largely depends on the quality of the content for that particular day. For example, if the content for an episode is particularly compelling or interesting, the narration process may take longer to ensure that every detail is captured and presented in an engaging way. 

To ensure that we have a wide variety of content to choose from, we have recorded over 3,000 different unique voice lines. Additionally, we have written hundreds of scripts for new segments, patch notes, new events, announcements, and more. This allows us to have a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to narration.

Once all the clips are uploaded to our platform, we then begin the narration and writing work. Our editors and content acquisition manager are responsible for selecting certain clips that need additional context. This is because providing context for a clip can make it more interesting and entertaining for the audience. The process of selecting and providing context for clips, along with the narration and scriptwriting, is done with the intention of creating a final product that is as captivating and enjoyable as possible for our audience.

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